Dusky Electronics Unveils the Mandorla Boost Pedal

Dusky Electronics Mandorla Boost PedalDusky Electronics has expanded their lineup with the Mandorla, a boost pedal inspired by vintage boost pedals from the ’60s. The pedal is designed to work well on guitar, bass, and keyboard while offering control over the bass frequencies with a “meat” knob.

“The concept for the Mandorla is to play to the inherent, delicious nonlinearity of the MOSFET transistor to showcase a circuit that misbehaves in the most beautiful way possible,” the company writes. “It produces gobs of even-order harmonic distortion without clipping to produce a sound not unlike old tweed-era tube amps—clean, but colored. The ability to adjust the amount of bass frequencies in the boosted signal allows the user to tailor response for any electrified musical instrument so it can find its place in the mix.”

The Dusky Electronics Mandorla is available this month with a street price of $160.

Check out the Dusky Electronics video, which includes a bass demo at the 5:40 mark:

Dusky Electronics Mandorla Boost Pedal Features:

Effect Type:Colored Boost
Controls:Meat (Bass), More (Volume)
External Power Supply:9-18V (not provided)

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