Gilad Ephrat & Shai Even: The Seventh Heaven

Gilad Ephrat sent us his latest video in his collaboration with pianist Shai Even.

“‘The Seventh Heaven’ is a tune I composed in the middle of the night almost during a dream. Since that night every time I play it I re-experience the same feeling I woke up with – something from other worlds that has no thought but only a movement of sounds. In encounters with Shai a moment before we dive into the music, he shares with me a story he hears between the sounds and this story connects and accompanies us throughout the creative process. As Yoni joins the process I feel that beyond being able to gather all the layers that were in all the stages, he also adds his story to it and fills it with deep silence,” Gilad shared.

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  1. Mike Murray

    This is the1st time I’ve ever seen a 5 string upright bass or contrabass

  2. Mike Murray

    beautiful piece, by the way!