Andre Berry, Nate Phillips & Wayne Jones: NAMM Jam

Nate Phillips is definitely in the Funk Bass Hall Of Fame. Being one of the founding members of the funk group Pleasure, he is one of the funkiest bass players on record. They released their first record in 1975, Dust Yourself Off, on Fantasy Records. Continuing to release multiple albums, the band hit their stride in 1979 with the song “Glide”. This song has become iconic in the bass community.

I read a quote from bassist Keith Horne that describes the impact the song makes to this day. “One of my favorites of all time! I wore the needle out on the record player while learning it!!”

I think many bassists can also agree. Here he is with bassist Andre Berry, and Wayne Jones, founder of Wayne Jones Audio. They are all grooving on the classic “Pleasure” hit.

Killer funk. Enjoy!

Joshua Sailor is a session bassist, producer and engineer on the West Coast. Currently working with Cloud Microphones on the "Get Lifted" Web Series, showcasing how to use Cloudlifters in studio, live and podcasting situations. You can contact him at [email protected].

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  1. Robert B Barwick

    Man that was so funky I could smell it all the way here to my house ;=)

  2. Glenn Suckling

    Great to see Jonesy getting some well deserved time thankyou