Bass of the Week: Brute Bass Guitars Hex Bass

Brute Bass Guitars Hex Bass

David Telfer of Brute Bass Guitars takes cues for some of his instruments from vintage design elements. That includes his Hex model, and this week we’re taking a look at the retro-inspired four-string as our bass of the week.

“Most of my more angular designs reference some of the brands in the 60’s really experimenting with quite radical angular shapes,” the luthier explains. “This design is referenced as the name says off a Hexagon but designed with a longer top bout for balance and a shorter lower bout for fret access. I like the simplicity of 1 pickup and 1 volume control, pickups like this Mojo dual foil sound best when the tone is full and in some ways, it doesn’t make sense to roll the tone off – so I felt it wasn’t needed.“

The Hex features a medium 32-inch scale with a maple neck and maple fretboard. “The Ash for this build is actually sourced from a damaged shelf from one of the stores of the brand I work for,” Telfer adds. “Upcycling a nice piece of wood like this is often more complex but more satisfying.“

Finally, the bass is fitted with Hipshot hardware.

Brute Bass Guitars Hex Bass Specs:

Pickups:Mojo DualFoil

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  2. Paul

    No link to Brute Bass Guitars ?

  3. LR

    Absolutely love it

  4. Kevin

    I like the elegant simplicity.Brings the Vox Phantom to mind.