The Future of No Treble

No Treble is at a crossroads. For 12+ years, we’ve been an online bass magazine focused on our readers. The biggest component of this has been promoting you and your music.

As we’ve grown, our ability to reach a massive audience grew, and with it, so did our expenses. As we’ve resisted loading the site with advertisements – and stay committed to that – we’re going to give a new model a shot: becoming reader-supported.

We’re committed to running until the end of 2021 for the moment. But with your support, we hope to stick around for the long haul and continue to support the global bass community. This will give us the runway to be the type of magazine we want to be while also self-sustaining.

Your donations will be used to cover No Treble’s ongoing expenses. All donations come with a reward (click the button below for details).

Regardless of the outcome of this campaign, we’re happy. It has been an incredible run, and we’re so grateful for making the connection with you. Thank you so much for being with us on this exciting ride.

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  1. Joe Sheil

    Hey Corey, a no-brainer for me.I’m a find supporter. Just sent a contribution and happy to support a subscription approach.

    Best of luck and please, minimal ads / maximize content.