“Bass Gym – 101 Essential Slap Bass Grooves” Now Available

Bass Gym - 101 Essential Slap Bass GroovesStart getting warmed up, because it’s time to hit the gym. Marek Bero has released the eighth book in his “Bass Gym” series, this time focusing on slap. Bass Gym – 101 Essential Slap Bass Grooves teaches five slap techniques – thumb, pluck/pop, percussive tones, hammer-ons, and pull-offs using the left-hand fingers.

“However, in the book, you’ll not find any virtuoso techniques such as double-thumb, double-pluck, strumming, double-stops, tapping, etc.” Bero writes. “Our goal is to lay down a solid foundation of slap technique, without the above mentioned “‘icing on the cake,’ so popular in the virtual world of viral. Coming from the background of professional touring and gigging musicians, I believe that slap technique needs a more down-to-earth approach which is more suitable for practical music applications in the songs of different genres. Slap makes you stand out in the band mix, so you want to make sure that it is catchy, groovy, and melodic in the same manner as your other bass lines playing with fingers or pick.”

Bass Gym – 101 Essential Slap Bass Grooves comes with MP3 files and more free resources. The 84-page book is available now for $20.

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