Leland Sklar Launches NFT Store

Lee Sklar NFT PackNFTs have been all the buzz lately, and now bass legend Lee Sklar has gotten in on the game. He’s teamed up with Cosmic Wire to release a collection of one-time-only digital NFTs that will be sold in packs similar to baseball cards.

The set includes a total of 89 cards that are sold in packs of 12 random cards. Each are based on his book, Everybody Loves Me. Aside from their collectible value, some cards give you special rewards including a chance to hang out with Sklar in person, access to a special event, a rendering of his “Frankenstein” bass, and more.

“You also will get access into a special VIP community where you can connect with other fans, show off the cards you have, trade cards with others, and of course, I will be there hanging out too!” Sklar adds.

Hear about it from the man himself:

Sklar’s NFTs are open to pre-sale and will be delivered the week of December 6th. Each pack is sold for $44. Visit the Leland Sklar NFT Store for more info.

Leland Sklar NFT Details:

89 total cards in the collection. Collect them all!
Sold in packs of 12 random cards
Minted on Ethereum
Rewards that unlock if you collect the whole set

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  1. David C Desmond

    Does Leland include bubble gum in with the cards?

  2. MARK B