Dunlop Unveils Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah Pedal

Dunlop Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah Pedal Front

Dunlop’s popular Cry Baby series just got a new model with the Justin Chancellor Wah. The Tool bassist’s new signature pedal actually has three effects baked in with a custom midrange filter, a custom wah circuit, and a vintage fuzz.

“The midrange filter, based on the tone circuit in Justin’s own bass, and the wah circuit, based on a modified Cry Baby Wah, are switchable and operated via the pedal’s rocker, which ensures low-end integrity by blending your clean bass signal into the beginning of the sweep,” Dunlop writes. “The fuzz mode can be used by itself or with either of the rocker modes to create everything from smooth, synth-like tones to wild electric fire.”

The filter and wah each have Volume and Q controls while the fuzz has Fuzz, Tone, and Level knobs. Get an earful of the possibilities in this overview from Nate Navarro:

Dunlop’s Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah will be shipping on November 19th with a pre-order price of $299.99.

Dunlop Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah Pedal Features:

Combines three of Justin Chancellor’s epic effects into a single pedal
U.K. Filter mode, inspired by his bass’ tone circuit, sounds thick and voice-like
Modified Cry Baby Wah mode sounds lush and aggressive
Vintage U.K.-style fuzz that can be paired with either mode or operated independently
Customize the two rocker modes with Volume and Q controls
Customize intensity, level, and EQ of fuzz mode
Includes optional Pedal Topper for simultaneous engagement of rocker and fuzz modes

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