The Future of No Treble – The Final Stretch

Love the Bass

Thanks to the generosity of so many No Treble readers, our campaign hit its goal in just 13 days.

We have about a week left on this campaign, so we set up a stretch goal with even more rewards. If we hit our stretch goal, here’s what we will do in addition to the original rewards:

Removing Ads

While we’ve worked hard to not have ads that interfere with reading content, we have had some ads on the site since day one. Hitting our stretch goal means that we can not only remove these – we can replace those ads with promotions for readers (at no charge). This means we can extend the coverage of your albums, books, lessons, and other activities.

Double Promotion

For everyone who donates at the “Gold” level, we’ll double the amount of time we promote your album, book, lessons, or other projects. So instead of a single one-month promotion, you’ll get two.

Exclusive Zoom Event

All supporters will be invited to a special Zoom event with the No Treble crew and some exciting special guests.


For everyone who donates at the “Web Coach” level, we will turn this into a one-on-one session instead of the classroom (10 participants) session.

Regardless of this stretch goal outcome, supporters have made it possible for No Treble to keep going. We cannot thank you enough for your support and kind words. We’re planning some big things in the future, and we’re honored to continue to be a part of the incredible bass playing community!

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