Roger Glover Secures Memoir Editor as Deep Purple Releases Covers Album

Roger Glover

Photo by Nick Soveiko

In our interview with him last year, Deep Purple’s Roger Glover explained that he had been spending his downtime continuing to work on his autobiography. The memoir was only a quarter of the way finished at the time, but things seem to be coming together as the legendary bassist announced he’s enlisted an editor.

“I’ve made a lot of progress writing my book,” he said on RadioBob! (and transcribed by Blabbermouth). “I’ve got an editor now, a well-known journalist called Chris Charlesworth, who’s really helped me. And I’ve got about — I don’t know — fifty thousand words done. But it should go another year or so before I [am finished with it]. I’ve only reached a little bit of my career so far; there’s a lot to go. The hard part is remembering it all.”

Glover has been working on his autobiography since approximately 2013. When we asked him about connecting with his early years as he reflects on them. “I do look back at old videos of us in the 70s, and I know it’s me, but it seems like a different person,” he said. “Obviously inside I’m the same guy. But what I didn’t know then and what I know now is what divides us. I’m much more aware of where I’ve been than back then I wasn’t aware of where I was going.”

In other news, Deep Purple recently released a covers album called Turning To Crime. It’s their first release to not have any originals on it, instead, it presents their versions of music by artists like Love, Ray Charles & Quincy Jones, Little Feat, Cream, and more.

Turning To Crime is available now on CD, vinyl, and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Turning To Crime Track List:

  1. 7 And 7 Is
  2. Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu
  3. Oh Well
  4. Jenny Take a Ride!
  5. Watching the River Flow
  6. Let The Good Times Roll
  7. Dixie Chicken
  8. Shapes of Things
  9. The Battle of New Orleans
  10. Lucifer
  11. White Room
  12. Caught in the Act Medley: Going Down/Green Onions/Hot ‘Lanta/Dazed and Confused/Gimme Some Lovin’

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