Darkglass Electronics Unveils the Alpha·Omega Φoton Pedal

Darkglass Electronics Alpha·Omega Φoton Pedal

Darkglass Electronics has added a new pedal to their lineup with the Alpha·Omega Φoton (Photon). The new offering takes their Alpha Omega distortion circuit and puts it into a more flexible format as found in their Aggressively Distorting Advanced Machine.

“Placing the [AlphaOmega] distortion circuit into a new paradigm enables a range of possibilities that were never before available,” they write. “A comprehensive design allows programming each part of the pedal, from compression, distortion, and cabinet simulation in the signal chain to presets via MIDI and the Darkglass Suite.”

The pedal has Compression, Drive, Mod, Blend, and Level knobs plus six touch-sensitive sliders for the EQ section. Its connectivity includes an aux-in, a headphone output, two balanced outputs, a direct output, MIDI in, and a USB port.

The Darkglass Alpha-Omega Photon is available for pre-order for $519.99.

Darkglass Electronics Alpha·Omega Φoton Pedal Details:

Compression, Drive, Mod, Blend, Level Knobs
Touch Sensitive Graphic EQ
Three Footswitches
Five Distortion Modes, Five Compression Modes
Selectable Cab Sim with 5 Irs
USB port
Headphone Output
Aux In
Darkglass Suite Compatible
Direct Out
Balanced Outputs

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