Darkglass Electronics Unveils ADAM Pedal

Darkglass Electronics ADAM Pedal

Darkglass Electronics has added a new weapon to their lineup of effects with the Aggressively Distorting Advanced Machine, aka ADAM. The new device was created with Adam “Nolly” Getgood and has the multi-instrumentalist’s “entire tonal arsenal meticulously refined by years of in-depth testing and experience in one striking enclosure.”

“ADAM has three fully programmable rotating footswitch presets. Each of these stores your unique blend of compression, distortion, impulse responses, EQ parameters, and signal chain settings,” Darkglass writes. “Featuring a unique and innovative top-notch precision touch slider interface, for its 6-band programmable EQ.”

The pedal incorporates a USB-C audio interface with balanced stereo outputs for studio monitors. Other features include a headphone output with volume knob, a MIDI input, an auxiliary input, and a chromatic tuner that’s especially accurate with down-tuned guitars and basses.

Watch Getgood play through the pedal on bass:

The Darkglass Electronics ADAM will be available soon with a street price of $599.99.

Darkglass Electronics ADAM Pedal Features:

5 Impulse Responses Exclusive to ADAM
6-band Programmable EQ
5 Distinct Distortion Algorithms
5 Compression Modes
3 Programmable Presets
Compression, Drive, Character, Blend, Level Knobs
Touch Sensitive Sliders
Aux Input
Headphone Output
Balanced Outputs
Direct Output
USB-C Port
Power: 9V DC

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