Fernando Molinari Returns with New Album, “Reaching Inside”

Fernando Molinari: Reaching InsideFernando Molinari has a new album out that may be one of the year’s best prog and fusion records. Reaching Inside is packed with tantalizing riffs and grooves that the bassist has been honing over the past few years. His ideas came to fruition with a stellar cast of musicians including drummers Marco Minnemann and Arthure Rezende; guitarists Brunno Henrique, Davi Filho, and Kit Tang, and keyboardists Herbert Medeiros and Daniel Félix.

“When I invited each person who featured in my new album, the first thing that was necessary: ??To be people that I’ve professional contact and friendship with! I really wanted to share this work with people who know how important it’s to me, not just as a musician, but as a person!” Molinari wrote on Facebook. “This album has YEARS of my life and a huge meaning for me, It’s about several things that I went through in recent times. So, having these people was a guarantee that we would have this connection, not only musical but also energy! Having a solo work can sometimes be a cold thing, with only hired musicians, but I never wanted that, so each participant here, added in every possible aspect! Musically, each one is MASTER, everyone is a world-class musician and professional! My gratitude to all of you who agreed to participate in this work, who took this record to another level!”

Molinari explores a variety of emotions with varying textures and styles. He is equally skilled at machine-gun double-thumb attacks as rich, velvety fretless melodies. Check out the video for “Control”, which kicks off with a jaw-dropping flurry of notes before dropping into an odd-meter groove.

Conversely, hear the epic expanse of the album opener, “Focus” with Molinari on his fretless fiver:

Reaching Inside is available now on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Reaching Inside Track List:

  1. Focus
  2. Mercurio
  3. Hidden
  4. Internal Sun
  5. Desert Flower
  6. Ocean Wind
  7. Maybe Tomorrow
  8. Control

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