Consider The Source Releases “Hybrid Vol. 1: Such As A Mule”

Consider The Source: Hybrid Vol. 1: Such As A MuleConsider The Source has always blended different styles of world music, but their latest release takes it to a new level. Hybrid Vol. 1: Such As A Mule, which has been in the works for years, expands their already diverse palette to include acoustic instruments for new textures. For bassist John Ferrara, that includes utilizing a banjo bass, a ukulele bass, and more.

“In general, we took our time to make it the best album we possibly could because why else do it?” He writes. “I hope you enjoy it and I hope you’ll come see us play these songs when we announce dates for next year. Thank you to our amazing fans for your patience and understanding during quarantine. We love you guys!”

The album’s dichotomy is perfectly distilled into the closing track, “Objects In Motion, Objects At Rest”, which showcases both the electric and acoustic side of things. Ferrara’s jaw-dropping bass work helps to set up the transition.

“The first half of this song is based on Turkish Folk Music with the rhythm in 7 and features Baritone Uke, Dede Saz, Doumbek, and Electric Bass,” the band states. “A layered drum break and bass solo usher in the second half which maintains the time signature but changes to a Balkan feel but with a Central Asian twist on a Karakalpak Dutar with the Banjo Bass and Drum Set. A true hybrid consisting of Ethnic, Tribal, Acoustic & World Music.”

Hybrid Vol. 1: Such As A Mule is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Bandcamp).

Hybrid Vol. 1: Such As A Mule Track List:

  1. I Am Inevitable
  2. Rock, Flag & Eagle
  3. There Are Four Lights
  4. A Clash Of Faces
  5. There Was Time Now
  6. This Is The Way
  7. Abdurehim
  8. This Guy’s The Limit
  9. Song For Robert
  10. Objects In Motion, Objects At Rest

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