Groove – Episode #85: dUg Pinnick

dUg Pinnick

I had heard of the band King’s X a few times in the mid-eighties. I was on the cusp of becoming a music journalist, and the entire genre of rock music enraptured me. Everything from The Who, Rush, and Led Zeppelin, to KISS and beyond.

In 1989, my world was rocked by the King’s X album, Gretchen Goes To Nebraska. It was just something about the power that came from these three unique individuals, and a band that was – once again – re-envisioning what rock and roll could be with a very progressive and heavy slant.

dUg Pinnick is not just an incredible bass player, but he is a unique singer and songwriter. Look no further than the vast discography of Kings X. It starts in 1988’s Out of the Silent Planet and bleeds all the way to 2008 with XV.

If you don’t get enough out of the 15+ King’s X albums, dUg has also recorded four solo albums. He’s been a part of numerous side projects and has had multiple guest appearances on a myriad of songs and albums.

dUg is one of the most respected musicians and bass players on the scene today. King’s X will be hitting the road (virus permitting) in the UK later this year. dUg is also busy promoting his latest solo effort, Joy Bomb.

Enjoy the conversation…

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  1. David Heafey

    I’ve always been a HUGE King’s X fan and have forgotten how many times I’ve seen them. dUg has so much soul in his voice and his tone is absolutely killer, all his own. Great group of guys who I’m happy to support.

    • Absolutely agree!! Pick up his biography, it’s a good read – not your average musician life for sure.

    • Linda Kincaid

      I knew Douglas, as we called him, in the early 70’s. We lived at Jesus People in Kankakee. I would love to get ahold of him! My phone number is (618)599-5546. Please ask him to txt me, cause I block unknown calls because I get too many telemarketers.

  2. Chris Marris

    I was lucky enough to catch Dug with King’s X back in the 90’s at Barrymore’s music hall here in Ottawa, Ontario. They played a wonderful set and blew us all away with some amazing music. After the show they came down to meet all the crowd and catch up with there fans. Amazing guys, so totally down to earth.