MXR Announces the Poly Blue Octave Pedal

MXR Poly Blue Octave PedalMXR has unveiled the Poly Blue Octave, a pedal that offers four separate octave divisions and a “thick, unruly” fuzz. The octaves include one down, two down, one up, and two up.

“You get to control the level of each in the mix as well as decide whether to
run them with the contemporary clarity of polyphonic mode or the raw vintage grit of
monophonic mode,” the company writes. “With a Blue Box Pedal-inspired fuzz mode and a dual Leslie-inspired/Phase 90-inspired modulation mode, you can infuse your pitch-shifted output with liquified thunder and lightning.”

Other features include an Expression jack input to sweep various parameters. The MXR Poly Blue Octave will be shipping in February for $199.99.

MXR Poly Blue Octave Pedal Features:

Modern + classic pitch shifting in a single pedal
Four separate octave divisions, each with its own level control
Separate level control for dry signal
Toggle between polyphonic and monophonic pitch shifting
Add in thick, unruly fuzz inspired by the MXR Blue Box Pedal
Dual-mode modulation provides Leslie/Phase 90 effects dependent on pitch shifting mode
Control various parameters with an expression pedal or tap switch

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