Zoom B6 Bass Multi-Effects Unit Now Shipping

Zoom B6 Bass Multi-Effects Processor

Zoom’s B6 multi-effects processor for bass is now shipping. The latest addition to their floor units offers 11 bass amp and four DI models based on classic designs in addition to 10 preamps and effects models and a looper.

The B6 has a 4.3-inch color LCD touch-screen interface but offers wireless control by way of an optional Bluetooth adapter. They’ve also included accessibility functionality for the visually impaired through the Handy Guitar Lab for the B6 app.

Nine stomp switches let you quickly toggle effects, and you can chain up to six effects at once. Two variable-impedance inputs allow for optimizing for both electric and acoustic bass. Other connectivity includes a built-in USB interface, an effects loop, and external expression pedal input, and an SD/SDXC card slot.

Dig into all the features with this intro video by Zoom:

The Zoom B6 is available now for $499.99.

Zoom B6 Bass Multi-Effects Processor Features:

4 DI models: 2 tube and 2 solid state models
Integrated A/B switcher for seamless instrument switching
Ultimate Zoom FX processor technology with amp modeling
Integrated pedal board with 9 stomp switches
IR load function for speaker cabinet simulation
4.3? color LCD touch-screen interface
Chain up to 6 effects (including amp emulation)
Two variable-impedance inputs for electric and acoustic bass
New Play Mode Footswitch provides instant access to different play modes
Easy-to-see backlit panel with color-coded stomp effects
Built-in USB audio interface (2-in / 2-out)
Rhythm patterns and looper
Compatible with Zoom Guitar Lab
Wireless control via optional Bluetooth adapter (BTA-1) with Handy Guitar Lab for B6 app
Accessibility functionality for the visually impaired with Handy Guitar Lab for B6 app

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  1. Steve

    Interesting. Kind of a poor man’s Quad Cortex with the touch screen and modes.