Larry Graham, Melvin Davis, and More Featured On New Temptations Record, “60”

The Temptations: 60The Temptations are one of the greatest vocal groups of all time. After six decades in the business, they’re taking a victory lap with their newest album, aptly entitled 60. But that doesn’t mean they’re resting on their laurels. The new album includes their classic, iconic sounds as well as modern feel on its nearly all-original songs, as the band’s sole surviving original member, Dr. Otis Williams, explains.

“Our new album carries with it, our legacy, our love of music, and our hope that through our music we can uplift and bring people together,” he states. “Most of all, we want fans to enjoy it and share it with family and friends around the world. It’s a thank you gift from our hearts to all of our fans, past, present, and future.”

Motown superstar Smokey Robinson makes an appearance on the song “Is It Gonna Be Yes Or No”, which he wrote and produced. Conversely, the opening track features K. Sparks on a contemporary hip-hop beat.

As iconic as The Temptations are, it only makes sense that they recruit the best bassists for the job. 60 features perfect bass lines by Melvin Davis (“Time for the People”), Freddie Washington (“Is It Gonna Be Yes Or No”), Cecil “CC” Thomas (Calling Out Your Name”), Joel Powell, C. Snowden, Ray Myrie, Jackson Allen, and producer Dan Bishop.

Fans will certainly feel the power of funk legend Larry Graham’s bass, which grace’s the retrospective song “When We Were Kings”:

The Temptations also released a mini-documentary via YouTube about their career and the album.

60 is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

60 Track List:

  1. Let It Reign (feat. K. Sparks)
  2. When We Were Kings
  3. Is It Gonna Be Yes Or No (feat. Smokey Robinson)
  4. Time For The People
  5. Elevator Eyes
  6. My Whole World Stopped Without You
  7. You Don’t Know Your Woman (Like I Do)
  8. How Do You Spell Love
  9. Calling Out Your Name
  10. I Want It Right Now
  11. Breaking My Back
  12. Come On

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