Frescia Belmar Releases “B4SSICS, Vol 1: Warmup & Technique”

B4SSICS, Vol 1: Warmup & TechniqueFrescia Belmar has released a new book to get your fingers in shape. B4SSICS, Vol 1: Warmup & Technique is her first instructional book and the beginning of her new series on fundamentals.

“[The book] will help you unlock dexterity, articulation, speed, and most importantly, finger independence,” the description states. “Become a master of your technique through strength and dexterity-building exercises written in both music notation and TAB, from the simplest of beginner drills to complex advanced combinations. Let ‘B4SSICS: Warm Up and Technique’ help guide your musical journey and become a staple in your practice routine.”

Born in Chile and currently based in Los Angeles, Belmar has performed or recorded with Anita Tijoux, Mike Stern, Herbie Hancock, Janelle Monáe, and more. Check out her own playing with “Deep Blue”:

The 33-page B4SSICS, Vol 1: Warmup & Technique is available now in paperback and digital versions.

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