Catalinbread Introduces Many Worlds Phaser Pedal

Catalinbread Many Worlds Phaser PedalCatalinbread has launched a new pedal in their lineup with the Many Worlds, a phaser that has tons of flexibility. It’s an eight-stage phaser with eight selectable phase control parameters, six LFOs, and two envelope-dependent phase shift modes.

“Yes, you can get classic, swirly and rich, vibe-esque phaser sounds from the Many Worlds,” the company writes. “The fun doesn’t stop there, however; we take you on a multi-versed quest of Many Worlds to uncover some unique otherworldly sounds as well. The Many Worlds features a robust LFO engine with classics like sine and square sharing the same control with reverse sawtooth and two independently controlled and intermodulating sine waves. Lastly, we’ve added envelope-dependent phase shift–both up and down–letting you control the phase shift with your pick attack, rather than driving it with an LFO. This gives you an autowah-esque manually controlled phase shifting experience.”

The Catalinbread Many Worlds runs from 9 to 18 volts on a standard DC center-negative power supply. It’s available for order now for $199.99

Catalinbread Many Worlds Phaser Pedal Features:

Eight Stage Phaser
Eight Selectable Phase Control Parameters
Six LFOs
Two Envelope-dependent Phase Shift Modes
Attack/Freq Control
Sens Freq 2/Depth Control
Feedback Control
Mix Control

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