Dave Mustaine Reveals Bassist For Upcoming Megadeth Album

Steve DiGiorgio

Ever since David Ellefson was removed from Megadeth, fans have been wondering who replaced his bass lines on the upcoming album The Sick, The Dying, And The Dead. Finally, frontman Dave Mustaine has revealed the mystery bassist, and it’s not current touring player James LoMenzo.

Testament bassist and metal hero Steve DiGiorgio stepped in to fill out the record’s low end. The bassist (who posted a video of him literally letting a cat out of a bag) was tapped for his technical prowess.

“It was a good choice. I didn’t think about anybody else at the time,” Mustaine told Sirius XM’s Jose Mangin. “I was thinking about ‘who’s the hottest guy out there that can play these new songs?’ [Mustaine’s son] Justis told me one of the fastest songs we’ve ever written is on this record. I don’t care what anybody says — bass may be less strings than guitar, but it’s difficult to play if you’re like me. I have a real hard time playing the bass. I wrote the riff for ‘Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?’ for Pete’s sake, but you know… having to jam some of those parts that fast, it just kills your fingers.”

The Sick, They Dying, And The Dead is due out July 8th. Megadeth will be embarking on the “Metal Tour of the Year” on April 9th with LoMenzo on bass.

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  1. Jacob Rose

    I can’t believe the Giorgio is on the album it’s f****** awesome that being said I can’t believe nothing was mentioned of death or Chuck