Krist Novoselic Releases “3rd Secret” with Fellow Grunge Heroes

3rd Secret: 3rd SecretFormer Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic is completely off social media. As such, he was great a keeping his newest album and band a surprise. 3rd Secret is a group that he and Jillian Raye began working on in the summer of 2020. The duo are joined by grunge royalty with Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil and Soundgarden/Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron as well as Void guitarist Bubba Dupree and vocalist Jennifer Johnson.

“At one time, there was an idea for three separate albums by individuals to include various contributions from the musicians above. Anything seemed possible and attitudes were positive,” the 3rd Secret website states. “In late 2021, feeling like too much time had passed, or just plain impatient, Krist and Jillian proposed 3rd Secret — combining material recorded in Seattle and on the farm. And this is how we got to this record with Jillian and Krist on the cover. Today we’re all making a splash as a ‘supergroup’. 3rd Secret is perhaps a prequel to another release from this super group of musicians. There will not be a 4th Secret, rather, a new name for another round of material from these players and singers. It is about music first and foremost.”

Novoselic plays bass, guitar, and even accordion throughout the eleven-song release. Get a taste of the album with “I Choose Me”:

3rd Secret says there is already half an album’s worth of songs ready beyond this new release. However, there are no plans for live performances.

3rd Secret is available digitally through Amazon MP3, YouTube, and Spotify, and Apple Music.

3rd Secret Track List:

  1. Rhythm of the Ride
  2. I Choose Me
  3. Last Day of August
  4. Winter Solstice
  5. Lies Fade Away
  6. Live Without You
  7. Right Stuff
  8. Dead Sea
  9. Diamond in the Cold
  10. Somewhere in Time
  11. The Yellow Dress

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