Reader Spotlight: Damian Diaz

Damian Diaz

Meet Damian Diaz, a bassist from Dallas, Texas who started on the bassoon before eventually adding the bass to his impressive list of accomplishments. Damian is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight (you could be next). Here’s his story…


I fell in love with music at a young age. I started out on Bassoon in the 6th grade and immediately excelled at it. I played in any ensemble that I could, ranging from Mariachi, Jazz, Orchestra and so many more. Because I have a love for a wide variety of music, I found a home at Texas A&M in Kingsville so I could pursue all of my musical interests. My trombone professor inspired me to continue my education even further. After launching my professional career in music, I decided to attend the University of Texas in Arlington and pursue my Master’s in Jazz Studies. When I am not touring as a bassist and Music Director, you can find me wearing many other hats, such as sound engineering, broadcast/live engineering, and educating the future musicians of the world. I am passionate about education and spreading music awareness as a whole.


Dallas, Texas, USA

Years experience:

18 years.

Why I play the bass:

I had a group of friends that wanted to start a band. Three of us were guitar players and one was a drummer. I decided to sell my guitar, buy a bass and learn how to play. I instantly fell in love with the instrument. The rest is history.


My main bass is a Fender Elite Jazz V. I also have an American Standard P Bass V with tape wound strings for the old school vibe, Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Special 5 HH, Ray Ramirez baby bass, and a 3/4 Ply-Wood Double Bass

For strings, I use Elixir Nano Webs, La Bella Tapewounds, and Thomastik Spirocore Light ( for double bass).

My pedals include Line 6 HX Stomp, Sure Wireless, Boss OC2, Paul Cochrane Timmy, and Exotic Effects EP Booster.

My Influences:

I find inspiration in a lot of talented artists. Growing up, I was drawn to Steve Harris, John Paul Jones, and Cliff Burton. Today, my influences include Jaco Pastorius, Adam Blackstone, Ron Carter, Flea, Marcus Miller, James Jamerson, Hadrian Feraud and so many more.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

I would have to say this is my versatility in all genres and all things music technology. I am the guy who is prepared for any scenario, whether it’s technical issues, last-minute musical changes, advice on tone, etc. My vast experience in Music Directing across multiple genres, being well versed as a multi-instrumentalist and my unparalleled knowledge in live production have equipped me to put myself in a position to be versatile and effective as a bassist.

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