Fulltone Introduces Custom Shop Supa-Wah Pedal

Fulltone Custom Shop Supa-Wah PedalFulltone has announced a new addition to their custom shop pedals with the Supa-Wah. The new unit is a spin on their Clyde wah and adds two new modes for a total of five voices that are toggled with a five-position rotary knob. They are Sub, Wacked, Phat, Jimi, and Shaft.

“PHAT mode is the throatiest, most vocal Wah sound and my personal favorite,” says founder Michael Fuller. “SUB is deep, grunty, and unbelievably expressive…works great on Bass, but certainly not just for Bass players! The SUPA-WAH is powered by a matched-pair of rare BC109B transistors (subject to availability) which were the same ones used in 1960s Vox Clyde McCoys.”

Other features include an input knob for setting the level of your clean signal to hit the circuit. Setting it lower will hit the circuit cleanly while turning it up offers more overdrive and grit.

The Fulltone Custom Shop Sup-Wah is available now with a street price of $282.

Fulltone Custom Shop Sup-Wah Pedal Features:

Input Level
Five Voicings: Sub, Wacked, Phat, Jimi, Shaft
Buffer Level
BC109B Transistors
Power: 9-18V DC power supply or 9V Battery

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