Or Bareket Returns with “Sahar”

Or Bareket: SaharOr Bareket has returned with his third album as a bandleader. Sahar was written and recorded during the downtime of the pandemic and is described as a “decidedly new and fresh artistic trajectory” for the bassist.

“The album’s title ‘Sahar’ holds multiple definitions in semitic languages. In modern Hebrew, ‘Sáhar’ simply translates to ‘crescent’ while in various Arabic dialects, it translates to ‘just before dawn,’ ‘early morning,’ and ‘insomnia,’” a press release explains. “On Bareket’s record, he explores the poetic meaning of ‘Sahar’ — the dream-like state one arrives in after staying up all night ruminating and yearning; an encounter that feels suspended in infinity, outside the waking experience of the passage of time.”

Bareket’s ethereal music is fleshed out with a highly musical set of players with Morgan Guerin on tenor saxophone, EWI and organ, Jeremy Corren on piano and Fender Rhodes and Savannah Harris on drums and percussion. Vibraphonist Joel Ross also produced the album and is featured on auxiliary percussion.

Check out the band in studio performing the title track:

Sahar is available now on CD as well as digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Sahar Track List:

  1. Root System
  2. Soil
  3. Hiraeth
  4. Oyen
  5. Temperance
  6. Bass Intro (Kapara)
  7. Kapara
  8. A Lullaby for Troubled Ancestors
  9. Sundial
  10. Sahar

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