Or Bareket Releases Sophomore Album, “33”

Or Bareket: 33Or Bareket has returned to the forefront with his second album as a leader, entitled 33. The double bassist says the release is a continuation on the same artistic path as 2017’s ob1.

“This album is a meditation on life-cycles, transformations, the death and (re)birth of ideas, relationships, and people,” a press release states. “These melodies and rhythms were born as chants, as medicines, a compass, an anchor during a time of dramatic shifts in my life: endings and beginnings, grief and ecstasy, communion and isolation, wanderlust and homesickness.”

Hear Bareket explain the album in this EPK:

33 is available now as a digital download via iTunes and Amazon MP3. A physical CD will be available later this summer.

33 Track Listing:

  1. Still Searching
  2. Feb 1st
  3. Reginia
  4. Zamba de Argamonte
  5. Carmo Capricho
  6. W Schubert and Troy
  7. Vienna
  8. Yarkan
  9. Thirty Three
  10. Tzafonah

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