Steve Lawson Pays Tribute to Rick Turner with New Album

Steve Lawson: RickThe world lost a visionary and pioneer of the bass world when Rick Turner passed away on April 17, 2022. His lifetime of innovations helped to push the boundaries of how people view our instrument, including solo bassist Steve Lawson. We previously shared a tribute he made for Turner, but now Lawson has released a full album, simply called Rick.

“[This is] a tribute release to mark the passing of Rick Turner, a friend and constant source of encouragement and inspiration for the last 20+ years,” he shares. “The first two tunes are ones recorded immediately after I got news of Rick’s death. ‘Disbelief’ is what I felt for days afterwards – Rick felt invincible, we had plans for trips to Scotland, to Warwick Castle. Adventures. He was a huge presence in my music life over the last 20+ years.”

See Lawson perform the track on his Turner, and then be sure to read his touching tribute on his blog.

Rick is available now via Bandcamp.

Rick Track List:

  1. Disbelief
  2. Rickuiem
  3. Go Your Own Way
  4. Quiet Corner (For June)

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