Lehle Unveils “Wear-Free” Volume Pedal

Lehle Mono Volume S Pedal

Lehle has introduced the Mono Volume S, a volume pedal that is wear-free thanks to evolving technology.

“Equipped with the proven and evolving magnet sensor VCA technology of the other Lehle Volume pedals, you control the volume of your instrument precisely,” they write. “The high-end preamp with discrete Class-A input stage and a dynamic range of 120 dB is designed to bring every little sound nuance to life.”

The pedal includes a button for recalling presets with boost stages of up to +12dB. It also has a USB-C port for updating its functionality and calibration as well as sending MIDI data to a DAW or amp.

The Lehle Mono Volume S has an MSRP of $369.

Lehle Mono Volume S Pedal Features:

Analogue signal path with digital control
High-end preamp with discrete Class-A input stage
120 dB dynamic range via 30 V technology
Magnetic sensor technology, without mechanical wear
Precise volume control from analogue VCA
Optimized size and weight

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