Lehle Introduces Dual Expression and P-ISO Pedals

Lehle Dual Expression and P-ISO Pedals

Lehle has added to their line of utility pedals with the Dual Expression and the P-ISO. Each unit is made in Germany and utilizes passive isolation with high signal fidelity.

The Dual Expression has two outputs to control all common devices with expression inputs. Its magnetic sensor technology is described as precise.

“Known from the LEHLE Volume pedals, this sensor uses the Hall effect, named after Edwin Hall, to measure the strength of magnetic fields,” the company writes. “In the Dual Expression, the Hall sensor is accurately calibrated to the built-in magnet and the control range of the pedal – where the pedal moves only the magnet, whose distance is measured by the Hall sensor. Two digital potentiometers, working with analog voltages, are used for the precise and reliable generation of the expression data.”

The pedal also features MIDI capability via USB and has soft-push polarity switch buttons.

The P-ISO is an isolator and DI Box that boasts no signal loss or hum. It’s suitable for both balanced or unbalanced signals. “ Its applications range from isolation and eliminating hum, to balancing and reamplification along with any signal routing that requires a clean signal free from noise,” Lehle states. At its core is the high-end LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ, which galvanically isolates the signal, eliminating any possibility of ground loops. The LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ was specially designed for use with high-impedance signals but also processes low-impedance signals with uncompromising sound quality.”

The Lehle Dual Expression and P-ISO pedals are available now with street prices of $259.99 and $129.99, respectively.

Lehle Dual Expression Pedal Features:

Expression Pedal with 2 outputs
Controls all common devices with expression inputs
Magnetic sensor technology, without mechanical wear
Precise control from digital potentiometers
Optimised size and weight

Lehle P-ISO Pedal Features:

Isolator and DI box
Absolutely no signal loss or hum
Suitable for balanced or unbalanced signals
Passive – no need for a power supply

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