House of Waters Returns with “Where I Wander” EP

House of Waters: Where I WanderHouse of Waters is back with a new EP entitled Where I Wander on GroundUP Music. The band, consisting of Max ZT on hammered dulcimer and Moto Fukushima on six-string bass, compiled the album with two brand new songs, two reimagined songs, and an open improvisation.

As is typical for the group, the five tracks are gorgeous creations that cover a lot of emotional territory in a short time. That’s encompassed in the opening track, “Moon”, which was inspired by their film score of Le Voyage Dans La Lune for Alamo Drafthouse.

“‘Moon’ attempts to evoke the thrill and loneliness of the immense journey in Le Voyage Dans La Lune,” a press release explains. “Incorporating the Argentinian tango and milonga rhythms, ‘Moon’ is a curious, exciting, and restful journey into the unknown.”

Fukushima builds on those feelings with beautiful chordal playing and an inspired solo. Watch him in action in this video shot in the studio:

Where I Wander is available now digitally through iTunes, Amazon MP3, and more. Physical copies can be found through the band’s website.

Where I Wander Track List:

  1. Moon
  2. Chaca
  3. Where I Wander
  4. Breath
  5. Raindrops

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