Simon Fitzpatrick: “Maria” on 8-String Bass

Simon Fitzpatrick has returned with a new video, and this one finds the impressive bassist performing Francisco Tarrega’s “Maria” on an 8-string bass.

Simon has made the transcription available on his website.

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  1. Simon

    Does anybody know who built that 8-string bass? I ask as I have a German built fretless from the late ’70s with a very similar body shape but I had lost all contact with that maker. I have been wondering if my luthier was still making instruments.

    • Hi! This bass was made by Guglielmo Mariotti (Mariotti Guitars).

      • Simon Walsh

        Thanks, Simon. I don’t think that I can post a photo of my bass here. My builder is (was) Tobias Stax out of Bonn, Germany, who made me a fretless with the same violin cutouts and similar horns as yours, probably in 1978 or 1979.