Bass of the Week: Egilegor Basses Bidai Multi-Scale 7-String

Egilegor Basses Bidai Multi-Scale 7-String Bass

This week we’re taking a look at a less-than-traditional design with this Egilegor Basses Bidai. The bass’s ash body was pared down to a minimum for ergonomics, while its wide 7-string neck features a headless multi-scale design.

Its Pau ferro fingerboard has block inlays with a matching pickup cover that hides a pair of neodymium humbuckers. Each pickup has a coil-split switch as well as a series/parallel switch. Finally, a Delano Sonar 3 preamp offers bass, mid, and treble controls.

Egilegor Basses Bidai Multi-Scale 7-String Bass Specs:

Neck:3-piece Ash and Maple
Fingerboard:Pau Ferro
Frets:24 Stainless Steel
Pickups:Neodymium Humbuckers with Coil Tap, Series/Parallel Switches
Electronics:Delano Sonar 3 Preamp
Finish:Rustic BW

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  1. Vernon darden

    Why not have bright colors such as yellow or white or red