Support for Steve Lawson

Corey Brown and Steve Lawson

This is an extremely difficult story for me to write. One of my great friends, Steve Lawson, shared some tough news recently, regarding his health.

“You might have seen from Insta earlier in the week that I was admitted to hospital. Turns out I’ve got cancer. Probably lymphoma. Had a biopsy yesterday to find out more, getting results early next week,” he shared.

Looking ahead, there’s still a lot of uncertainty, but as expected, Steve’s spirits are high. Thankfully, his medical expenses are in good shape. But this is a time we can help with the rest.

“If you want to help out with material stuff, the easiest way is to subscribe to me on Bandcamp or just buy some music. There’s no gofundme cos I don’t have medical bills, just lost income and this part of my job – selling beautiful music for curious people – is still very much functional. So, that’s the best course if you want to help in that way. The subscriber community is also where I’ll be posting the most regular updates – feels a little more self-selecting for ‘care’ than the slight chaoticness of FB.”

If you’re able, please show Steve your support by subscribing to his incredibly vast library of music (or other ways).

I love you, Steve. Everyone here at NT HQ has your back, and I have no doubt that goes for countless readers as well.

I’ll leave you all with the words Steve wrote to end his post announcing this news:

“I’m not going to promise I’ll be fine. None of us can ever say that with any surity. But I’m in a good place. Happy and mostly comfortable.”

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