Bass of the Week: Baum Guitars Seye Adelekan Signature Pink Thunder Bass

Seye Adelekan with Baum Guitars Signature Pink Thunder Bass

Gorillaz bassist Seye Adelekan recently teamed up with Baum Guitars to unveil the Thunder Bass. While the bass will be available as a model in their lineup, this week, we’re featuring his custom pink axe.

The bass was crafted in Baum’s Danish Custom Shop in Aarhus, Denmark, with each component selected by Adelekan to fit his playing and personality. It’s crafted from a one-piece mahogany body, one-piece maple neck, and rosewood fretboard with a 12” radius. A lightning strike inlay at the 12th fret is doubled in shape by the uber cool lightning strike pickguard.

Central to the bass’s design is simplicity. It is fitted with a single Goldsound Thunder Jab pickup, which is custom wound by Sunbear Pickups for extra punch.

“Simple design. One pickup. And then it is more on the person who’s playing the instrument to bring something to it,” Adelekan says. “It can do anything, and that is what you get when you can make it really, really simple. It reflects the player. And I’m really, really glad to say that the Thunder does that.”

Other features include Schaller hardware, 22 frets, and a matching Wave headstock.

Learn more about Adelekan and his bass in this in-depth interview:

Baum Guitars Seye Adelekan Signature Pink Thunder Bass Specs:

Body:One-piece Mahogany
Neck:One-Piece Maple
Fingerboard Radius:12″
Inlay:Dots with Lightning Strike at 12th Fret
Pickup:Goldsound Thunder Jab
Controls:Volume, Tone
Other:Lightning Strike Pickguard

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