Amon Amarth Releases “The Great Heathen Army”

Amon Amarth: The Great Heathen ArmyViking metal masters Amon Amarth have returned with their 12th studio album, The Great Heathen Army. Members of the band say it’s a return to their death metal roots and heavier than 2019’s Berserker.

“Overall, The Great Heathen Army is one of the heavier albums we’ve made,” says vocalist Johann Hegg. “There are some dark and heavy songs that are really powerful and in-your-face, but we obviously have some trademark melodic Amon Amarth songs on there as well, and a few surprises too. It’s a really well-balanced album. It sounds great. [Producer] Andy Sneap is awesome. It was great to be able to work with him again.”

Bassist Ted Lundström has been in the band since its very inception, and even 30 years on, he is still thrilled at the music. “I want to play this in front of a crowd,” he told the Everblack Podcast. “It’s so much fun for us to play these songs. You might think it gets boring after a while, but it doesn’t. What gets boring is everything around the show: the travel, the soundchecks, and whatnot. Once you get up on stage, you’re still thrilled. When you’re waiting the minutes before you go on, I still have the same feeling as waiting to see my favorite bands.”

Check out Lundstrom’s rumbling tone in the video for the album’s title track:

The Great Heathen Army is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

The Great Heathen Army Track List:

  1. Get In The Ring
  2. The Great Heathen Army
  3. Heidrun
  4. Oden Owns You All
  5. Find a Way or Make One
  6. Dawn of Norsemen
  7. Saxons and Vikings (feat. Saxon)
  8. Skagul Rides with Me
  9. The Serpent’s Trail

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