Acoustik Attak Introduces Stealth XL and Juggernaut Picks

Acoustik Attak Picks

Acoustik Attak has unveiled two new pick designs in their product lineup: the Stealth XL and the Juggernaut. Like their predecessors, the picks have unique attributes.

The Stealth XL has a curved-bevel tip and more leverage than the original Stealth pick. Acoustik Attak says this lends a more open, rounder bottom end to basses and guitars.

“Like Stealth XL, Juggernaut is a larger pick with a step-down designed tip, creating medium-gauge tone on guitars and a thumping bottom end on basses,” they add. “It also produces darker tones on acoustic guitars, and like other Attak Piks, features an ergonomically-designed concave grip, and 3mm thickness, for fluidity and leverage.”

Acoustik Attak’s new Stealth XL and Juggernaut Attak Piks are available now through their website, with packs starting at $10.99.

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