In Memoriam: Dave Sherman

Dave Sherman

We have sad news to report today as doom metal mainstay Dave Sherman has died of undisclosed causes. He was 55 years old.

Sherman was a member of several doom metal bands and is credited as working hard to raise the scene since the early ’90s. He was in Wretched, Spirit Caravan, Earthride, Weed is Weed, The Obsessed, and more. In an interview with Outlaws of the Sun, he reflected on his work.

“It is an honor to be recognized by my peers, but I have done a lot of work to get this far,” he said. “The war is never over, and you have to keep battling on. It never becomes boring because there are new songs to be written and new riffs to come up with. It is an endless journey. No, I don’t feel pressure anymore because, like a fine wine, you only improve with age.”

Fellow bassist Nick Oliveri (ex-Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator) remembered Sherman in an Facebook post.

“It just kills me to hear that Dave Sherman has passed and left us without his smile and good cheer in this world,” he wrote. “He was always rad, sincere and cool to me. I first met him in 1998 on tour with Queens of the Stone Age. We did some gigs with Wino’s band ‘Shine’ (which later would become Spirit Caravan) and Chrome Locust, which was Todd Youth’s band (another fallen brother), Dave Sherman, RIP ‘bass brothers forever man.’ Safe travels, my friend. Goodbye.”

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Dave Sherman.

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