Ruokangas Introduces Tube Powered Pickups for Bass

Ruokangas Valvebucker Mk2 Pickups

Ruokangas made history in 2019 by introducing the first tube-powered active pickup system for guitars. Now they’ve announced the Valvebucker Mk2, which expands the concept to their four and five-string basses. The revamped model also has a new visual design and a redesigned floor unit that doubles as a DI box.

“The design architecture of the Valvebucker circuit is noteworthy, making use of sweet spots found from outside the typical operational points of vacuum tubes, by using relatively low voltages,” Ruokangas writes. “The power consumption of the Valvebucker remains within the given values also during startup – an important feature when using commercially available pedal power units. Every Valvebucker unit is handmade and finetuned individually in Finland.”

The Valvebucker Mk2 includes a magnetic pickup capsule matched to a tube-powered preamp circuit. That preamp is fitted with military-grade triode and pentode NOS tubes with lifetime warranties. Though it is a one-pickup system, the company says it offers a wide variety of sounds.

Get a quick demo of it by Markus Setzer in the Ruokangas Steam Classic Bass:

The Ruokangas Valvebucker Mk2 is only available as a custom option for Ruokangas guitars and basses and not as a retrofit product. It is available as a $2,200 addition to any ordered instrument.

Ruokangas Valvebucker Mk2 Pickups Features:

A sensitive magnetic pickup capsule, capturing the instrument sound in high fidelity
Tube powered proprietary preamp circuit
One pickup - but a wide variety of sounds
Military grade triode and pentode NOS tubes with lifetime warranty
A floor unit included, to connect the Valvebucker -equipped included to the rest of your signal chain
A 12VAC power supply included
A 10-foot XLR cable included

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  1. kevmac

    Did I read that right,2,200 bucks for the pickup option on top of the cost of the bass?OMG!