Wasafiri: Wasafiri Theme

Bassist Max Gerl has a fiery new contemporary jazz fusion band called Wasafiri that has just released their debut album, Klearlight. Drawing on ideas from Eastwood Music Group founder Luke Sardello and Skin Wade, Gerl put the band together to evoke the energy of artists like Herbie Hancock, Pharaoh Sanders, and Chick Corea.

“I had a similar experience of coming to love jazz and improvisational music when I was younger, particularly with Weather Report,” Gerl said. “The fact that Luke, Skin, and I shared the same feelings and experiences from the same music—but 20 years apart—speaks to the significance and timelessness of that era.”

Wasafiri’s monstrous lineup includes Kwinton Gray, Ethan Ditthardt, Marcus Jones, Nick Rothouse, Shelley Carrol, Matthew Babineaux, and Cole Riddle. Together, the group’s dynamic range can get explosive, as in this live take of “Wasafiri Theme.”

Gerl shares the song’s melody with several other members before launching into a blazing, hypnotic, Jaco-esque groove. Hang on tight!

Klearlight is out now on iTunes and Amazon.

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