STP’s Robert DeLeo Details Upcoming Solo Album, “Lessons Learned”

Robert DeLeo: Lessons LearnedBack in March, we shared the news that Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo was working on his solo album. Now we’ve got more details, including the record’s first single.

Lessons Learned is a ten-song collection written by the STP founder that will be out on October 21st. Besides bass, DeLeo played most of the instruments for the effort. The music leans more on acoustic and Americana vibes than the hard rock he’s associated with.

“‘Lessons Learned’ is a very personal album for me,” De Leo told American Songwriter. “The journey has been an interesting one. This collection of songs has been my diary through the trials of trying to find what that ever so mystical word love means. I have been working on this record for about three years. As time passed, each song came about in its own special way. I had time to sit down and reevaluate my acoustic guitar playing, songwriting, and life. It meant a lot to take advantage of so much time that the world allowed.”

“Love Is Not Made of Gold” marks the first glimpse of the record. DeLeo’s guitar playing sets the mood, while his signature melodic bass style drives the feel. He’s joined by vocalist Jimmy Gnecco to complete the song.

DeLeo shared a photo of himself with all his instruments on Instagram, sharing his arsenal for creating the album, including a 1959 Fender Precision.

Lessons Learned will be out on October 21st on multiple formats.

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