Bass of the Week: Steve Lampasona “Bones” Bass

Steve Lampasona Bones Bass

Today is Halloween, so we’ve got a frightful electric upright bass for you. Artist, designer, and luthier Steve Lampasona shared his “Bones” Bass, which he crafted with a walnut body, oak neck and bridge, and ebony fingerboard. The removable oak shoulder is hand-carved into a skeleton’s arm that continues into a hand that rests on the body just below the Krivo pickup.

The hand doubles as a bow holder, while a second hand is carved into the pegbox. Other features include an ebonized oak and walnut stand, Gotoh tuners, adjustable legs, and a maple nut.

Happy Halloween!

Steve Lampasona “Bones” Bass Specs:

Pickup:Krivo Magnetic Bass Pickup
Strings:D’Addario Kaplan Medium Tension
Tuners:Gotoh GB707 Tuning Machines
Other:Removable Oak hand carved shoulder, Ebonized Oak and Walnut stand, Adjustable Legs, Sculpted Bow holder

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  1. Vita Chu

    This is incredible – the amount of detail and consideration given to the different types of woods and the level of finish… what an outstanding piece of workmanship. Would love to see more of his work.

  2. Greywoulf

    That is so very cool!! ~Happy Halloween!