Melissa Carper Releases “Ramblin’ Soul” with Dennis Crouch

Melissa Carper: Ramblin’ SoulI always love it when bassists are also singer/songwriters. That’s less common in the world of country and Americana, which makes Melissa Carper even more special. However, whether she plays bass or not, the music is on point.

She’s just released a new album called Ramblin’ Soul that draws vintage country, western swing, classic R&B, and soul. Carper moved away from Nashville to a farm outside of Austin, Texas, where she and her partner worked in exchange for lodging. It was in that solitude that she penned the tracks for the album.

“‘Ramblin’ Soul’ was inspired by the new appreciation I had for the freedom to travel around the country and perform,” she explains. “I had taken for granted the ability to interact with audiences and friends and how much it feeds my soul and my creative process.”

Although Carper is a double bassist herself, she enlisted session ace Dennis Crouch to track the bass as well as co-produce the album. Hear his cool groove and bass breakdown on “1980 Dodge Van”:

Carper will be handling bass duties on her own as she tours the U.S. in support of the record. Get a feel for her unique style with this live version of “Hit Or Miss”:

Ramblin’ Soul is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Ramblin’ Soul Track List:

  1. Ramblin’ Soul
  2. Zen Buddha
  3. Ain’t a Day Goes By
  4. 1980 Dodge Van
  5. Texas, Texas, Texas
  6. That’s My Only Regret
  7. Boxers on Backwards
  8. I Do What I WANNA
  9. Hit or Miss
  10. I Don’t Need to Cry
  11. Holding All the Cards
  12. From What I Recall
  13. Hanging on to You

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