Bass of the Week: Adal Guitars Lobella Series 5-String

Adal Guitars Lobella Series 5-String Bass

Max Coronado of Adal Guitars sent us some photos of his new Lobella Series five-string bass, and we immediately wanted more.

The bass features a white ash body with a stunning spalted maple top. Its five-piece neck is made from maple and purpleheart, then topped with a Birdseye maple fingerboard. The bass’s owner ordered it to have an inlay at the 12th fret of the ancient Hebrew word for God.

Other features include Hipshot hardware, Adal’s FSSD pickups, and a Belmont Hurricane preamp. All in, the bass weighs 8.8 pounds.

Adal Guitars Lobella Series 5 String Bass Specs:

Body:Maple Spalted on White Ash
Neck:5 Pieces, Maple/Purple Heart
Fingerboard:Maple birdseye
Pickups:Adal FSSD (Matching fretboard)
Preamp:Belmont Hurricane
String space:750 (19mm)
Weight:8.8lbs (4 kg)
Straps:Dunlop Flush Mount
Finish:Natural (Satin)

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