Tapping Technique and Composition: Tapping Chord With Melodies on “Riches to the Conjuror”

This lesson on “Tapping Melodies and Chords” is from my song “Riches to the Conjuror” from the album A Lesson in Impermanence streaming on all major platforms.

In my final video in this tapping series, I highlight another section of my classical and Latin-inspired song, “Riches to the Conjuror.” I show one way (though there are many others) that we can accomplish playing a melody on top of an arpeggiated chord progression. By holding down the highest note in a given position while coordinating a rhythmic pattern with the other fingers, we can have our melodies sing while continuing to move the song along. This is one of my favorite things to do on the bass and brings tapping to a whole new level.

I want to take a second to thank Kevin and Corey at No Treble for not only being open to hosting this series and sharing all of my musical endeavors over the years but for being one of the truest sources of bass content in the world. You guys bring joy to so many, and I know many others are so grateful that you guys exist.

I also want to give an extra special thanks to George Manchester for his brilliant work on these videos. He filmed everything, gave me directing pointers during the process, which really helped me focus my ramblings, edited everything, AND did all of the scrolling tabs at the bottom of each lesson. So many little nuances went into these videos. Through his video skills, focus, and his own musical side (the dude can shred on guitar, by the way), he made these videos exponentially better than they would have been otherwise. So thank you so much, George, for lending your hard work and talent to my art. Looking forward to the next project!

Lastly, thank you all for watching my videos! This series has been growing over the last couple of months, and it’s all due to you guys coming back! I thank you all so much and hope you keep coming back, as I have TONS of stuff to share all the time!

John Ferrara’s new album, A Lesson in Impermanence is streaming on Spotify and all major platforms. John is also available for private online lessons, via his website. Be sure to check out his Youtube channel.

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