Nate Wood Does It All on “Step Aside”

Nate Wood - fOUR: Step AsideMulti-instrumentalist Nate Wood has been shocking us with his musicality for years. His videos showcase him performing fully-realized songs by playing all the instruments simultaneously. Now he’s released an album with the solo project, aka fOUR, where he plays everything at once – bass, drums, analog synths, and vocals. As if that’s not enough, Wood recorded all the songs on Step Aside in one pass with no overdubs, click track, or pre-recorded backing tracks.

“That’s why it’s called fOUR, because it’s me with four limbs playing four instruments at once,” he says.

Watch the magic happen with the official video for “Addendum,” which features a one-handed bass solo as he plays drums and triggers synths:

Step Aside is available now via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Step Aside Track List:

  1. Tongue Tied
  2. No!
  3. They’re Coming
  4. Interlude 1
  5. Ilium Gone
  6. Peace In Family
  7. You Never Really Know Until The End
  8. Tenth Ire
  9. It’s Enough
  10. Addendum
  11. Phone
  12. !!!!!
  13. Step Aside

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