FKT Audio Introduces The Fretless Pedal

FKT Audio The Fretless Pedal

FKT Audio has released a new pedal called The Fretless, which combines a midrange parametric EQ with a chorus and reverb. The pedal was designed the enhance the sound of a fretless bass during rhythm and lead sections.

“The EQ side allows you to cut or boost frequencies from 500Hz to 1kHz and to choose the bandwidth with BELL control. In this way, you can build your sound down to the smallest details,” the company writes. “The Cho-Verb side can be used in combination or separately by moving the DEPTH knob for chorus and REVERB knob for reverb mix. With this module, you can have single chorus, single reverb, or both. By using the combination of both side of The Fretless you can merge the precious EQ frequency response with ambience and modulation to make clear and tridimensional sound during chords and solos.”

Hear the pedal in action in this review by Bass The World:

The FKT Audio The Fretless pedal is open to pre-order for approximately $371.

FKT Audio The Fretless Features:

Mid:Mid Cut/Boost (-12dB/0/+12dB)
Freq:frequency to cut o boost (from 500Hz to 1kHz)
Bell:Adjusts the Q factor of the filter
Volume:Master volume
Depth:Intensity of chorus
Speed:LFO Speed
Reverb:Sets amount of reverb to mix
Volume:Master volume
Connections:Rear Panel
Input:Jack (Mono)
Output:Jack (Mono)
DC Adaptor:Jack (9V DC)
Power Supply:9v DC
Current Flow:60mA
Switch:Buffer bypass
Enclosure:Stainless steel 304

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