Kate Thiroux Releases “Bandstand And Beyond” Course on Discover Double Bass

Katie Thiroux Trio

Katie Thiroux has just released her second course on Discover Double Bass. “Bandstand and Beyond” follows up on her “Beginner to Bandstand” course and is aimed at intermediate and advancing jazz double bassists. Thiroux covers melodic walking lines, developing your solos, arranging for solo double bass, and much more over the 29 video lessons.

“[Bandstand and Beyond] contains everything you need to develop your jazz bass skills, including lessons, music transcriptions, and band play-along tracks,” Discover Double Bass writes. “This course is perfect for jazz bassists with the fundamentals in place and who are ready to take their playing further. Topics include walking bass lines, improvisation, soloing, ear training, arranging and more.”

Thiroux is joined in the studio by pianist Sam Watts and drummer Matt Witek as she demonstrates her techniques and approaches to the music. Band play-along tracks are provided for you to explore the music on your own, as well.

Get a taste of the course with “KT’s Killer Phrasing Exercise”:

Bandstand and Beyond is available now through Discover Double Bass. It will have a full price of $129, but DDB is offering 25% off for the first week at just $96.75.

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