Bass of the Week: Unicornbass PureArt JM 6-30

Unicornbass PureArt JM 6-30 Bass

Unicornbass recently revealed the PureArt JM 6-30, a short-scale six-string that represents some of their best work. The fretless bass has a streamlined design to remove any obstacles to creating your sound.

“The Pure Art of playing is effortless flowing from thought to idea to creation of music with tools that inspire the magic of music,” the Swedish bass company states. “From the experience of how it should be but never really was the new PureArt is born from those collective experiences from ages of experimentation and developing great ideas coming together in one creation. The Pure Art of excellence, beauty and simplicity”

Unicornbass built the bass with a select piece of alder, a laminated neck of maple and purpleheart, and an ebony fingerboard. While the body has a simplicity to it, the back of the headstock featured an exotic wood cap.

They focused on ergonomics on this PureArt with an underarm cut, a belly cut, a 24th fret upper register cut, and a bit cut at the lower body for playing in a classical guitar position. More streamlining is found in the pickups, which are dual coil ceramic humbuckers wired straight to the jack. “No pots or switches,” they write, “just straight to the jack socket via high-end studio-grade cable.”

Other features include an ETS bridge and Hipshot Ultralite tuners.

Unicornbass PureArt JM 6-30 Bass Photo Gallery:

Unicornbass PureArt JM 6-30 Bass Specs:

Headstock:Ebony/Bubinga front, Exotic Wood Back, Gold Logotype
Fingerboard:West African Ebony
Frets:Fretless, 24 Fret Lines
Pickups:Dual Coil Serial Ceramic Humbuckers Wound Direct to Jack
Tuners:Hipshot Ultralite
Bridge:ETS with Separate String Anchors
Finish:Satin Matte

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  1. Greywoulf

    Beautiful short scale bass, to make 6 strings easier and more accessible I guess. But you’d better have a damn good personal amp you like for home or small venues, or a FOH sound guy you like ’cause that’ll be the only controls over your tone and volume…

    • Hi! You are right in away but me Johan Maximilian at Basstradersweden and Christian at Unicorn also developed a minimalist Tone box so you can filter out the high end if you want to.

      It is a blessing to have such a Pure signal and of course most people will dial in their sound on their amp. We will make a video this summer to showcase the whole package. take care, Johan