Jeff Lorber (with Jimmy Haslip): Jazz Kitchen Performance

Lefty bassists are quite rare, but we see them popping up everywhere now! I should know, I am one myself.

One mainstay we can’t forget about is Jimmy Haslip. As a founding member of the jazz fusion group The Yellowjackets, Jimmy has developed an extensive resume in jazz, playing with the likes of Brian Culbertson, Robben Ford, Alan Holdsworth, and many others.

Jimmy currently holds the bass chair for the legendary Jeff Lorber Fusion group. Here they are at Jazz Kitchen, and Jimmy solos on the track “What’s The Deal?” from the Prototype album.

Great stuff here! Enjoy!

Joshua Sailor is a session bassist, producer and engineer on the West Coast. Currently working with Cloud Microphones on the "Get Lifted" Web Series, showcasing how to use Cloudlifters in studio, live and podcasting situations. You can contact him at [email protected].

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  1. The article doesn’t mention that the drummer in this video is also a left-handed player, also somewhat rare among jazz drummers. I watched the 5-minute video twice, but I couldn’t get a clear look at the drummer’s face. I suspect he is my friend Lionel Cordew. I also know Jimmy Haslip, one of my favorite bassists, lefty or righty. Jimmy was the first bassist to sign my “Jaco: The Extraordinary and Tragic Life of…”

  2. Meremortal

    Good to see and hear Jimmy, he’s gone gray but sounds great like always! He told me he was an idiot for learning to play bass left-handed and upside down but I answered that he sure sounded great so what the heck. I’m a lefty but never thought about it, just picked up a bass and started learning right-handed. Both hands had things to do anyway. Wonderful player, nice guy and he’s always been an inspiration!