Caveman Audio Unveils the BC1 Bass Compressor Pedal

Caveman Audio BC1 Bass Compressor Pedal

Caveman Audio has announced the BC1 Bass “Master” Compressor, a fully analog pedal they say is unlike most others. It features the same balanced line input on the XLR connector and a transformer-balanced DI output found on their BP1 preamp pedal, making it capable of handling the overall output at the end of your signal chain.

“The idea behind this design is for BC1 to act as a Master Compressor that is always on – not a squashing effect that will momentarily pump up specific parts in a song,” they write. “BC1 is meant to shape the overall dynamics, and at the same time maintain the integrity of bass players’ signal all the way to the amp and/or FOH.”

The BC1 has a wide attack range from 0.1ms to 25ms, allowing you to get a pumping effect or leave all your transients in for more definition. Caveman writes that this nearly eliminates the need for parallel compression, but they have a switch on the rear panel. The pedal also has a boost circuit.

“A Boost circuit is not common on compressor pedals, but since it is recommended to use it as a master compressor at the end of the signal chain, this may cause a problem,” they add. “What about bass solos? Normally, a boost pedal would be used for that, but since BC1 is ideally sitting after any boost pedal, the signal coming into BC1 would be hotter, and BC1 would simply compress more.”

The Caveman BC1 Bass Compressor will be available in September with a price point of $599.

Caveman Audio BC1 Bass Compressor Pedal Features:

1/4″ Gold-plated Jack Cable Input
Gold-plated Neutrik XLR balanced Line In
Gold-plated Neutrik XLR DI transformer balanced
1/4″ Gold-plated Jack Amp Out – transformer balanced
Serial or Parallel compression
Ground Lift switch
12VDC – ready for pedal boards
Unique RFI protection

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